Download Counter Strike 1.1

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Game Half Life is a shooter has emerged from a long and a lot of players, the current game is still pretty much loved because of what the game gives the player. Game has launched so many different versions, but version 1.1 remains the most popular, being developed by Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment on October 19.11.1998. The game had been many critics praised computer games gripping storyline and its deep, it will greatly impact the other FPS game developers in later years. This is a FPS game on the best-selling PC of all time. Game half life can play offline play Matt 2 group format is the same LAN or hit with Boss.

Game Half Life version 1.1 is the kind of game offline support play on PC, you need to download and unzip the game and then proceed to install before you can start playing. You can play the game according to your group or alone you fight the boss. If you play as a group, you should make sure that all computers have a common LAN.

Game Half Life you will be extremely exciting experience with stunning 3D images combine rich sound make a great product extremely attractive game. Interactive games quite high so you will feel very real when players make an extremely strong interest in the book entry.


Operating System: Windows 95 or higher
Processor: Intel Pentium 133Mhz
RAM: 24MB minimum (32MB recommended)
Monitor: SVGA, 16 bit color
Sound Card compatible with Windows