Download Counter Strike 1.6 Codes

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Before you submit the codes for the game CS 1.6 I want to tell you that these codes may harm your computer codes are not tested nor recommend them. Use Codes own risk.

Best codes and undetectable for 2015 are:

Wall Counter-Strike:

1.Ze4 wallhack – This is a fairly code used by most of those simply CS wall. For those who do not know this code bvine with:
ESP, Vac, Multicore, free drop in FPS. How does it work? Unpack, sign in and then run ze4.exe cs

This code you can find Here

Wall, Speed, Aim, Silent Aim – Complete packages codes:

Hack 2.Gr0wlithe v2.0- This code offers several options. Wall, AIM, etc. Advanced options that do not even remember!

We can list

MiniRadar,GhostShells,GrenadeShells,InfoBox,Spycam,WireFrame,NoSpread,Norecoil,AimFOV, AimingMode,SmoothAim,TriggerBot,WeaponESP,SpriteESP,NameESP,DistanceESP,BoxESP,EntityESP

This code you can find here

Final 3.CSFHook FX – A new complex that offers the following code:

Spread, Norecoil, AimFOV, AimSpot, AIMT, Avdraw, AutoAim, AutoWall, AutoShoot, AutoRecoil
AimingMode, SmoothAim, TriggerBot, WeaponESP, SpriteESP, NameESP, DistanceESP, BoxESP, EntityESP
ReloadESP, GrenadeTrace, PlayerTrace, Barrel, crosshairs. This code is “all”. It offers everything you want from a code. Aim, wall, do not take flash, see through smoke, etc.

Unreal Rage V9 – Redraw super equipped. Offers: Aimbot: –

Aim Mode
Key Aim
Kill Key
Check Weapon
Rifle Switch
Pistol Switch
anti Deathmatch

This code you can find here

4.LG Cod Wall, Aim, Auto Aim, No Recoil

This code you can find here

5. Iakook – Wall, No flash, BunnyHop, AutoPistol. Download it here.e here

6.Unreal Stealth Public – Aim, Aim Kev, Aim FOV, Aim Height, Knifebot, AIm, Wall, No Flash, No smoke, Auto Jump, Auto Pistol, etc.

This code you can find here

All these codes you can try but not guaranteed to work 100%. Beware of server admins because you can easily get ban. With these codes you can easily kills even if you have no skill. Using these codes make many kills you but you better learn to play cs. If you have questions you can post them in the comments!