Download Counter Strike 1.6 Lant Final

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So far this site has been a single version of CS 1.6, namely unmodified original version. That version is recommended by me because it has skins, patterns and sounds that are well optimized unchanged.

The CS introduced today is called Counter Strike 1.6 Final Circuits and kit is a favorite of many players because it brings some changes and bug fixes. Cs only has a few skins changed a few little sounds and text links that make it more appealing.

You can play either on the internet servers as zombies, respawn, Deathrun, gungame, jail or surf. You can play with bots in singleplayer mode. If you have a PC with an older video card I recommend using a low resolution and 16-bit instead of 32.

Click here to download!

For settings (name, options, etc.) remain saved uncheck read only the config files and userconfig.cfg that are in your cstrike.