Download Counter Strike 1.6 Red Coast

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Hello dear gamers, and especially of the fittest players namely shooter game Counter Strike! This time you can download a more recent modified named Rosso Costiera. Skins, models and weapons are just the same as the CS receive the latest updates and Fixed most bugs. In this kit, you can not play with the codes, it offers a range of protections such as Ultra Core Protector 7.9.

This saves cs player’s name and settings. CS site benefits from a high quality GUI that gives you easy access to options and a good visual interface. For those who still prefer classic cs skins with the same but updates this CS is the perfect choice. The game can be downloaded directly as archive or torrent. What do you think about this cs?


For settings (name, options, etc.) remain saved uncheck read only the config files and userconfig.cfg that are in your cstrike.