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Versions of CS 2D

(Password to unzip Counter Strike 2D should be svnteam or

Counter-Strike 2D is a free version with 2D graphics quality of classic shooter Counter-Strike. Players can experience the confrontation in Punching size with similar missions in the original version as a winning attack, bomb, assassinate VIP …

At the same time, you also offered a lot of weapons and military equipment such as guns, laser guns, military turrets and many other devices. Besides, Counter-Strike 2D is inherited and sound effects from the original version, so players will feel like when a gunman immersive real

General Features:

Game action fast-paced tactical gameplay similar to Counter-Strike.
Chat and communicate with teammates via radio messages like in Counter-Strike.
Support options currently fog allowing players can see who enemy within his sight.
Support Bots (AI) when playing online or offline.
Allowing more players:

Support server list with sorting features, filters, Internet servers, LAN servers and server favorite list.
Providing authentication system friends, teammates and play (USGN).
Supporting information transmission, transmission spraylogo map and TV. Supports RCON (remote control) for the server.
Set the Voting, kicking, Banning, mapcycles and many other settings.
Support and statistical ranking players in the server.
System Requirements:

256 mb 3D video card with DirectX 7+ OR OpenGL support
1 Ghz CPU
1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM for Vista/7/8)
30 mb free disk space (more recommended for downloads)
Windows Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8