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Version 1.0 Beta (3/8/2013)

1.Day CrossFire Counter-Strike Force is absolutely no confusion with other games.
2. When copy entries to another source, please do not edit the details as: name game, members list, list Thanks and please leave Source:
your game 3. To function normally, ensure us that not edit or add details on the game’s source file.
4. The case load game from other sites that are not gamevn then if any hazards to the computer, you have to bear full responsibility.
5.Tuyet to not receive irrelevant questions or issues not on the field game .
6. When coment remember marked to facilitate the support or other issues.

CSCF mod Force is part of the Counter-Strike style CrossFire.
In general, there’s still no breakthrough for not doing much for the problem reg account players should be tried in the next update …
About Game:
– The game is currently only one that is default mode (abbreviated as NM). In this mode, players will be res back round after completion of 13 games. It means that both sides have finished 13th round before the round will be the res of his clan by 0.
– Weapons game are:
* The primary weapon:
+ Barret
+ M4A1
M4A1-Royal +
+ MP5
+ XM1014
* Weapons accessories:
+ Anaconda
+ Deagle
+ Glock 18
* Melee:
+ Knife
-The following characters appear in the game:
+ Blade
+ Swat
+ GSG9
+ Lady Ranger
– Hud made ??up the high definition tga than hud SPR. Hud health, full guns and weapons for each character in the game. Particularly some SPR hud, use of SPR alpha test mode should also be improved sharpness.
– Backpacks will be sorted and Backpacks game will be Game arrangement and is updated after each release. Maybe we’ll do Launcher for later versions and can manage more easily backpacks.
– Game will have 2 hand, will be hand side GR Victoria, there will be hand Swat BL side. This is also our shortcomings can be considered as errors.
– We do not want the game to be compared with the game due to the CSCF master code. Because the game has many deficiencies should hope for sympathy.
– What additional questions or anything they wish to contact you up at FB Fanpage or mail, 4rum.

Note: Join 2 files then Run SETUP.exe