Download Counter Strike Global Terrorism Offensive

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a landmark step of Counter Strike mature. From a mod followers fiction shooter game Half Life first-person view, also released by Valve. Now, after so many successes indisputable, final game this myth also owns himself a name, a private label so that players can look at it as a standalone title. Science sometimes also the art and vice versa. The technological innovations of Counter Strike: Global Offensive from physical collisions refresh graphics to complete a 1.6 “dusty” plots yet, bring a sense of curious to rediscover a game an ancient act old.

Easy to play but hard solid, which is the most accurate description of Counter Strike. The game is a version of Half-Life mod brings the full calculation gun battle with the fast-paced and requires skill and virtuosity of the players. Counter Strike: Global Offensive traditional continuation of the previous version when heavy skill set above all else. Quick reflexes, extreme accuracy and understanding of the terrain is what contributes to ensure your survival in the fierce battle Counter Strike. In particular, the ability to judge opponents position and keep the presence of the self through the footsteps of thing any player should know to CSGO.

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In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, at the beginning of the game screen, each hand gun will be arming themselves with the funds have been in the process of fighting, successfully put / bomb or a winner after each match. With 4 positions for major weapon, pistol, dagger and grenades, players can choose among dozens of game weapons. The gun in the game have very big differences with the other games, most clearly reflected in the level shock (recoil) of them horror. Players can still perform the “spray and pray” in CSGO, but when faced with skilled players, any weapon they’re holding can “practice you hit the road” blitz only by 1 or 2 play off target.

With 4 game modes Classic Casual, Classic Competitive, Arms Race and Demolition, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has 8 familiar map (like Office, Italy, Dust, Nuke …) was remade with more new and some editing small, with 8 new maps for the two types of games Arm Race and Demolition. Two game modes based on Gun Game mod appeared on these servers has brought new wind to gamers thanks to the breakneck pace of the battle. Arms Race If property features respawn (regeneration) is that the stages Demolition bomb with a bomb site unique position, forcing the teams to constantly fight to eliminate the enemy. Neither allows buffet weapon that can be changed only when the shooting down enemies, have designed a very small map enabling rapid encounters took place bringing excitement to the game moments manually.

In the present time, because the game only allows a maximum of 10 participants in the game screen to the gun battle in the game with the “lack of fire” if compared to CS 1.6 and CS: Source which supports up to 16 player. The mod community has yet to flourish in CSGO also makes the game lacks the originality to package content from the creative minds of gamers, but with the support directly from Valve’s SDK toolkit in Counter Strike : Global Offensive, surely we will soon find a new game mode or map the “classic” is reproduced on the new graphics of the game.
In general, the studio Hidden Path went right path in re CS does the splendor of this new version. With many new tweaks though small but very accurate, game titles are becoming capable dominated the e-Sports like CS previous versions did.
1.6 has been a competitive sport AIG III in the international tournament to be held in Vietnam in 2009. With Valve’s cared for his new little pet, CSGO community of gamers will gradually grow and the big tournament will contribute to the game This play up to the peak of e-sports in the future.