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Game Intro:
CSO NST Beta3 is the next version of the Update 1011 Beta2 NST CSO
Config: luanking
Coder: kungfulon, sontung0
Launcher: Giazzrian
Tester: MrKaii, kakaan96, Kid_Bandes, __Chief__
Support: Lynx98, dark_one, protossscout
Update Info :
+ Mode CSDM redone
+ Use Metahook module (by Martin & DJB)
+ Weapons default is transferred to the store
+ Quantity weapons in My Weapon is increased
Primary: 30
Secondary: 10
Melee: 5
Grenade : 5
+ 2 Double Weapon would be true weapon
+ Add variable specified distance for damage Knives
+ The weapon will have its own hud (thank to kungfulon)
+ Add new weapon: Flame Thrower, AT4, AN94, Musket, Skull 1, Hammer …
+ Game automatically created when you add the file res, reduce gun (on the file ***. temp in resource \ UI \ temp)
the rest then you find out in Video and In Game
Download: Choose one of the following servers:

CSO NST Beta 3 Full setup ( Extract then setup ).rar 434.86 MB :

CSO NST Beta 3.rar 600.43 MB:

+ Update v1.0 to v1.1

+ Update Information:
+ Add Zombie mode: The Mutation (Zombie mod2)
+ Do the Zombie mode: The Hero (Zombie Mod3)
+ Added 4 new zombie class: Ganymede, Banshee, Stamper, China
+ Add 9 zombie set: Strong Lifepower, Excellent Genes, Bomb Specialist, Gruesome Assassin, Merciless Destruction, Demented Doctor, Fire and Curse, Terrifying Terror, Brutal Slayer
+ Add female hero for Zombie mode: The Hero (Zombie Mod3)
+ Add new gun: MG3 Master, Master M1887 Winchester, Luger Master, Master Thompson, HK23 Master, Master M60E4, Sturmgewehr 44 Master, Master Remington M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, TMP Dragon, Skull-3, Barret M95 Christmas, M14 EBR Gold, Franchi Spas12 , Franchi Spas12 Deluxe, Wild Wing
Fix the bugs of v1.0 +
+ Note:
Press + V to open the menu zombie mode set in ZB2 / ZB3
+ Press O to open the special menu mode weapon in ZB2 / ZB3
+ The weapons in special weapons menu can be purchased only when bought with accompanying zombies set the corresponding weapons

+ Update v1.1 => v1.1.1:
CSO NST BETA 3 HOTFIX V1.1.1.RAR (769.92KB):

(881.72 KB)

+ Update Information:
+ More zombie set Combo Master (Human: Target damage: 130% – Max damage: 230% | Zombie: When the dead will revive instantly)
+ Fix HUD skill Banshee
+ Fix stiff in ZB2 / ZB3
+ Fix HUD lack of MG3 Master
+ Fix model lacks playing ZBS / ZBU
+ Most resupply Hero get only bullets, bombs, NVG
+ When transformed into heroes, heroines selected will turn into heroine, choose male character will turn into heroes
After the v1.1.1 update and that you still find fault, this file down on. Copy the folder of the game

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