Download Counter Strike Revolution

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A new kit that provides skins counter strike us, new models, new sounds, new textures, new links gfx and many other changes. This CS is quickly discharged and then by simply running game Counter-Strike.exe starts. You can play in net with your friends or bots vostrii on which map you want. Bots can add any map would only 1-2 minutes it will take to learn the map. Number bots can reach 31 and they can be modified or not to use certain weapons.
For this you need a PC CS better for graphics is totally different from a normal CS. Looks much better weapons and skins from terrorism and CT are more realistic. This Counter Strike worth downloaded those who want better graphics and have a computer better.

For settings (name, options, etc.) remain saved uncheck read only the config files and userconfig.cfg that are in your cstrike.