Download Counter Strike Warzone

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Ready to try a cs containing the latest updates and protocol 47 + 48? Counter Strike cs Warzone is a newer offering a new version V44 patch. You can play on servers by pressing find servers and Romanian will find only high quality servers from known modes: normal, gungame, furien, zombie, Deathrun or HNS.

Cs-play is nice and easy and very fast download. You can unzip it anywhere on disk and the push of the button will start the game strike.exe counter.

You can set the name and resolution settings, sound, etc. Cs behaves very well on most operating systems. It works great on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, but Windows 8 may be some compatibility issues.


For settings (name, options, etc.) remain saved uncheck read only the config files and userconfig.cfg that are in your cstrike.